Meet Eva Maria Hunt

Igniting People's Creativity and Building Mindful Resilience

Meet the Creative, Empowering Eva Maria Hunt

Hi, I am Eva. My mission is creating peace in the individual and in the outside world.

My original profession is commercial economist. My career change was induced by a personal issue. After changing countries twice in one year, and putting myself under far too much pressure to prove that I can live a rewarding life in the UK, in my second language, made me over-worked, stressed, and ultimately led me to become depressed.

Trying to overcome my depression helped me to discover my latent abilities, and it became a stepping stone for me to change careers. I have established my business in holistic healing in 2010, working as an Energy therapist, (member of the UK Reiki Federation) and Energy coach.

Since 2010 I have learnt from the best in the field, spiritual leaders, scientists, energy healers. In 2014 I have spent 3 amazing and eye-opening days at the Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution in London, catching up with the progress of science and spirituality working together.

I am an ambassador for the Global Coherence Initiative, which is one of the large projects of HeartMath Institute to help activating the heart of humanity and to promote peace through teaching different energy tools to release stress and build resilience.

I have worked with more than 150 clients in the last 8 years, with some for a few weeks or months and with others for years, helping them to overcome stress and depression, raising their self-worth and teaching them tools that make a positive difference in how they feel in their daily life.

I have been running different types of energy workshops for counsellors, their clients and the public along with meditation & Qigong classes since 2014.

If I had to describe myself with one word I would choose: CREATIVE. I express my creativity in many different ways, one of them is being ART. As an artist I use colours to make “energy capsules” i.e. the actual artwork, to shift your emotions and mind set and help you to create an inspiring home and work space.. As a participating artist in the Global Art Project for Peace I help creating world peace through art.

My energy work, energy art & book: Vibrational Healing with Colours & Angel Art has been featured in the American Law of Attraction Magazine & LOA Radio Network, USA, at Buck Open Studios in the UK and I write articles on a regular bases for the UK Reiki Federation Newsletters.

When I was introduced to Anke Exner, resilience coach last year, we realised that our mission is very similar, we are just approaching it from two different view points. This is how Creative Mind Coaching was born, uniting our strengths, which enables us to give you a unique package and customised help to your business.

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