Meet Anke Exner

Igniting People's Creativity and Building Mindful Resilience

Meet the Calm, Down to Earth – Anke Exner

I always loved to work together with people and bring groups together, from teenagers to business people of different cultural backgrounds.

My first career took me into globally operating organizations, after I had successfully graduated from Business School. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and collaborate with people from all around the world. However, I found that my job was not quite how I wanted to work with people and I skipped my office for a university lab and auditorium to study education. I finished my Master of Education in 2006.

During the following years, I enjoyed family life as our daughters were born, and we moved to England – a wish come true! Now in a new setting, I decided to combine what matters most to me with regards to the world of business and education, and become a coach and mentor. In 2014, I successfully finished the Coaching & Mentoring course at the University of Warwick.

Working with groups of people, outside of school and work, for many years has given me the opportunity to help them develop and make longer lasting changes in their lives than by teaching Biology. The development of individual strengths and the belief that everybody can achieve excellence are at the heart of my work. My own core strength and value is spirituality: I have a strong sense of where I fit in the larger scheme of life and this knowledge is my source of calm and comfort, especially in these times when the world is changing fast.

My clients often comment that working with me as their “safe haven” makes it easy for them to explore their deepest thoughts and allow them to bring their best solutions to the surface. My favourite comment is “That is a very difficult question.” When they feedback to me after a few months that they embrace challenges and know how to step into their place of strength it is the best recognition of my work.

Meeting Eva was like finding a missing piece. We easily connected through our very similar views of the world, and combining our strengths enables us to offer a unique service to help our customers as Creative Mind Coaching.

I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and conduct my profession in accordance with the EMCC Code of Ethics (see for more information).