Igniting People's Creativity and Building Mindful Resilience

Are you a business owner, looking for a new way to stay competitive?

Creativity is one of your biggest assets to build a successful business. However, it can be greatly reduced by stress, plummeting your productivity, health and, ultimately, your income.

We are experts in helping our clients to connect with their creative potential. Our seminars’ approach is holistic: we combine elements to engage your left and right brain thinking. The results?

  • reduced stress levels,
  • growing resilience,
  • sky rocketing creativity,
  • better productivity…


so you can focus on what is most important: You and the success of Your business!

What we cover in our training series for entrepreneurs?

  • mental health awareness training
  • entrepreneurship development,
  • stress in the workplace seminar
  • creativity training programs for businesses
  • resilience training
  • mindfulness training
  • consciousness at work
  • work- life solutions
  • stress symptoms
  • stress relief
  • stress reduction techniques

Mindful Resilience for Stress Release Training for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Creative Mind Coaching invites you to join our stress release training to build mindful resilience. We are taking a holistic approach to accompass body & mind to exponentially increase the positive effects of these tools in your life.

Who is the training for?

Business people and entrepreneurs, who find it hard to welcome the challenges and demands of everyday business.

  • Is your day too short to address all the urgent issues?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the constant changes and fast-paced developments?
  • Do you avoid conflict and try to be perfect all the time?


Main benefits of our training:

In the course of 4 seminars you will find out:

Creativity is the key to solve problems and stay on the top of your game. Creativity is about flexibility, finding a new aspect, seeing problems from a different perspective to get better at:

  • problem solving
  • productivity
  • relating to people…

Stress considered to be a necessary part of our life. Entrepreneurs willingly take on more stress in order to achieve their goals and dreams. However not knowing how much stress is healthy to take on and when to stop can turn against you and have detrimental effects on your health and ultimately on the success of your business. By the end of the training you will know:

  • how to recognize stress symptoms,
  • how to become aware of the related triggers,
  • how to stay calm and focused,
  • how to raise your confidence to handle conflict and challenges and,
  • how to ultimately gain a better work-life balance.

You will also explore different techniques and exercises, CBT, NLP, breathing techniques, qigong exercises and mindfulness, just to mention a few.

Planned Dates:

Training Day 1 of 4 – Recognising when stress turns against you

  • 10:00 -11:00 on Monday 29th January 2018
  • Eventbrite - Mindful Resilience for Stress Release Training for Entrepreneurs
  • Venue: Sanctum on the Green Hotel, Cookham

Day 2 of 4 – Finding a new perspective to combat unnecessary stress     

  • Dates will be released soon for upcoming training.
  • Venue: N/A


Day 3 of 4  – Creativity, Choices, Motivation – The Connection

  • Dates will be released soon for upcoming training.
  • Venue: N/A


Day 4 of 4 – Recognise your strength is a source of energy

  • Dates will be released soon for upcoming training.
  • Venue: N/A


Price:    £120.00/person/session, Early Bird Offer: £90.00 /person /session or

£160.00 (for 2 people from the same business)


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