Igniting People's Creativity and Building Mindful Resilience

We live such reactive, fast changing lives full of challenges, which require us to be flexible and resilient. Scientific research shows the importance of soft skills for our well-being, success and performance.

Workplace stress is on the rise making employees unable to cope with the demands of their jobs or the environment, which leads to decreased productivity and a negative effect on physical and mental health. The loss of mental health is one of the biggest costs in the workplace today, a yearly estimate of £26 bn for businesses in the UK. On average, this could mean £1000 per employee. With stress, depression and anxiety as main causes, poor mental health accounted for 45% of all lost working days due to illnesses in 2015/16.

Stress costs not only in terms of productivity, but also potentially legal cases arising from stress related claims. The costs of stress for the individual are immense, too. Not only their health suffers, but their quality of life, self-esteem, as well as relationships. In the course of time, the chance to keep up with the changes in the fast-moving industry becomes less and less. It is increasingly harder, if not impossible to catch up and fit back in, after months spent