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 EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE  – The Framework for the subjects you work through during the 21 days

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In our fast-paced world change seems to be the only constant. There are very few people who have not experienced phases of being stressed; mental health issues like anxiety, burn-out and depression have become a major factor in sickness absences from work.

In fact, feeling stressed, out of power and not in control any more has lead US to change our career and develop skills which contribute not only to a more balanced life but also to an overall well-being.

Did you know that up to 85 % of your career success are based on your so called soft-skills or your EQ?  Research has found that our social and emotional competence has more positive influence on our career than our academical skills or our IQ. And good news is that you can enhance your EQ at any time, it is not a given trait you are born with.

These ‘soft’ skills are what sets great leaders apart and kits you out for a successful career. Emotional intelligence skills such as self-awareness, empathy, assertiveness and adaptability have quantifiable impacts on your performance and they are the skills that companies look for in applicants. Understanding how your emotions affect your performance is the foundation for your personal development. Executives with high levels of empathy are better at keeping employees engaged and give customers the very best experience. Being emotionally intelligent allows us to be more creative and use our emotions to resolve our problems.

We have designed our 21-days-programme to help you enhance different aspects of your EQ. Our approach is multifaceted: the exercises range from coaching tools to Qigong and meditation, you choose the level at which you can engage best. The aim is to help you raise not only your awareness for your mental and emotional states but also to use this awareness for your benefit. By building motivation, self-esteem and resilience to name a few, you will reduce your overall stress-levels and improve your work-life-balance.

Studies have shown that we can change habits in 21 days, hence a programme covering 21 days. However, we find it is important that you engage with the exercises in your own pace. There is no need to do them every single day and if you find an exercise too difficult, please do not feel you have to do it. Instead go back/forth to one that you like and do that instead. Take conscious action!

You will find that enhancing the intra-personal skills, which are the skills that centre around YOU, have an impact on your social (or interpersonal) skills too. The better you know and manage your own self, the better you can understand others and handle relationships.

Here are The 5 Pillars of EQ / Emotional Intelligence:

INTRA-Personal Skills (YOU)

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-motivation
  3. Self-management

INTER-Personal Skills (You & Others)

  1. Raising awareness for others
  2. Managing your relationships


How to work with Our Programme?

All we ask you to do is to fit some healthy thinking, feeling and being habits in your daily routine. So you get to the driving seat and decide of the outcome of any situation, rather than being a passenger in your own life and letting your own thoughts and emotions control you.

Everybody is different. What works for one, is boring or challenging for the other. Whether you get empowered by doing the same exercises daily or the opposite: picking and mixing whatever you feel like doing that certain day, you can choose how you enjoy our programme.


We grouped the tools into 7 blocks / subjects:

  1. De-Stressing
  2. Building Resilience
  3. Self-Talk
  4. Self-Awareness
  5. Self-Management
  6. Self-Motivation
  7. Self-Esteem

each of them containing 3 tools. Every block starts with audio introductions to the block one form Anke, explaining her approach and one from Eva to give you a context to what you are working on.


Our programme uses different types of media: text, audios (mp3s) and printable document (pdfs).

  • The exercises either have an audio introduction to the exercise, which then presented as a text and or  pdf, or the intro comes as a text and the whole exercise recorded as an mp3, as for example in the full body breathing exercise.
  • After each tool there is a short summary of the exercise, as a text format, and at the end of the program you have a printable sheet (pdf) for your desk to remind you of what and how to do.


Click on the Blue link to open a pdf. When you finished reading it to come back to our page, you simple click the “back arrow” at the top left of your browser window.


If you wish to print the exercises, the easiest way is to use the pdf, printable documents for that purpose,


When you watch a video, you can enjoy it as it is, however if you wish to have it larger, you can hit the full screen button, which takes you to YouTube. After finished watching, to come back to our page, all you need to do, is to click “ESC” on your keyboard.


If it motivates you, or helps monitoring your progress, start a diary. Jotting down daily

  • how you feel before you start the exercise
  • what exercise(s) you have done,
  • what you have experienced i.e any light bulb moment, becoming really relaxed, etc.
  • how you felt afterwards…
Your pace

Tailor it to your needs

Here are 3 different paces you can choose from: 

  1. “Step by Step” – Taking one day i.e. one tool at a time.
    This approach is suitable for you, if:

    • you get easily overwhelmed by tasks you need to perform
    • you are not so good at organising things
    • you like following rules
  2. “Speedy Gonzales” – Taking a 3 days chunk at once.
    This approach could work for you, if:

    • you like seeing a whole concept or subject at once
    • you like to pick and mix things, giving yourself choices
    • you are eager to learn at a faster speed
  3. “Fast and Furious” – Accessing the full programme at once and going as fast as you can.
    Choose this approach if:

    • you want to see everything that is on offer at once and create your own plan
    • you are a free spirit, so the order you do the subjects in is completely based on your intuition, i.e. what feels right for you a certain day
    • You like to be efficient, you have no time to waste, you want it all and want it now.
Your commitment

How fast or slow you go is entirely up to you. Honestly!  We are not judging. However we ask you one thing, and we take it very seriously, and that is your commitment.

“I commit to a minimum of 10 minutes daily, to work on and apply one of the tools from this programme every day for 21 days, consciously and really focused on what I am doing. I understand that I am building the habit of using 1 tool a day to reduce stress, build resilience and raise the level of my emotional intelligence.”

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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