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Igniting People's Creativity and Building Mindful Resilience

21 days to less stress & more success at work and at home

By Anke Exner and Eva Maria Hunt


This program goes deeper than any others. This is your opportunity to get the guidance and the tools you need for less stress and more joy in your life.

 We offer powerful solutions to real problems and bite-size chunks of inspiration every day to break old patterns and create your most radiant self.  

How taking our course and working through the modules will change your life?

It helps you to

  • stop being on autopilot, so you can become more productive, creative and successful
  • prevent or reduce anxiety and stress by responding to stress triggers in a healthy way
  • reset your mind-body connection with a powerful selection of exercises, tools and form new habits from CBT, NLP, Mindfulness, Qigong for health… to become more motivated and feel more in control


We live in a world, where stress is triggered almost every day in many different ways both at work and in your private life.

 What Are Your Biggest Stress Factors? 

  • My Relationships: colleagues, managers, family, friends
  •  Financial Worries
  •  Lack of appreciation for my work
  •  Too much work, not enough time for the things that matter
  •  Health issues
  •  Change: workplace, organisation, staff, workload, management. etc.


It is obvious that every single one of us gets stressed daily. The question here is:


 How do You deal with stress? 

  •  I eat (emotional eating)
  •  I get angry / snap at people
  •  I exercise a lot
  •  I meditate
  •  I make time and think it through
  •  Other, specify here:


Your stress response is determined by many factors, like your perception of the world, the way you were brought up, your social background, etc. your level of self-value, sensitivity and empathy how much you accept and love yourself and also the fact whether you learnt the transformational tools to deal with it all.

I am guessing, if you are reading this, you are interested in finding a better way to manage your life both at work and at home by resolving inner conflicts and learning new habits in order to move from stress to calmness.

Who are we? 

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Anke: We are passionate about helping people, who are depressed, stressed, anxious or wanting to find their purpose, who have an open mind to connect with their emotions and soul and to transform their mind set.

Eva: When I was introduced to Anke in 2016, we realised that our mission is very similar, we are just approaching it from two different viewpoints.

Anke: Between us we have 16 years of experience, improving our clients’ mental health and emotional well-being: lowering stress levels, raising performance, building confidence, and creating a better work-life balance. We form a unique team.

What do we actually do?

Eva: Anke feeds your left brain with tried and tested methods from a more scientific point of view; and I bring my out of the box, right brain focus into the process to open up your creative potential.

Anke: This is how Creative Mind Coaching was born, uniting our strengths, which enables us to give you a unique package and customised help for individuals, as well as for businesses.

 It’s time to learn a new way of being! 

You don’t need to change everything in your life. The change is about how you experience the same events happening to you in a completely different way.

All we ask you to do is to fit some healthy thinking, feeling and being habits in your daily routine. So you get to the driving seat and decide of the outcome of any situation, rather than being a passenger in your own life and letting your own thoughts and emotions control you.

Everybody is different. What works for one, is boring or challenging for the other. Whether you get empowered by doing the same exercises daily or the opposite: picking and mixing whatever you feel like doing that certain day, you can choose how you enjoy our programme.


 The Main Benefits of this Programme 

  • Have the tools to be more resilient and bounce back after mind or emotional slip ups
  • Make positive self-talk a habit to feel confident and connected to your most powerful self
  • Become mindful, and self-aware to manage your experiences and your relationships better.

When we feel empowered we can focus on what really matters our passions and success.

 In this 21 days programme you will explore the following subjects: 

  1. De-Stressing
  2. Building Resilience
  3. Self-Talk
  4. Self-Awareness
  5. Self-Management
  6. Self-Motivation
  7. Self-Esteem

In every subject we share with you 3 tools. That’s 21 days worth of new tools to fit in your tool box.

How fast or slow you go is entirely up to you.

When you purchase the programme we give you the link to our programme with a password.

 Here are 3 different paces you can choose from: 

  1. “Step by Step” – Taking one day i.e. one tool at a time.
    This approach is suitable for you, if:

    • you get easily overwhelmed by tasks you need to perform
    • you are not so good at organising things
    • you like following rules
  2. “Speedy Gonzales” – Taking a 3 days chunk at once.
    This approach could work for you, if:

    • you like seeing a whole concept or subject at once
    • you like to pick and mix things, giving yourself choices
    • you are eager to learn at a faster speed
  3. “Fast and Furious” – Accessing the full programme at once and going as fast as you can.
    Choose this approach if:

    • you want to see everything that is on offer at once and create your own plan
    • you are a free spirit, so the order you do the subjects in is completely based on your intuition, i.e. what feels right for you a certain day
    • You like to be efficient, you have no time to waste, you want it all and want it now.

In Summary

We give you the freedom to create your very own well-being course, just the way you like it!

So you choose not just the speed you are progressing at, but the method too, as we provide you with different media. Text and printable pdfs with instructions, written and audio version of the exercises, worksheets to take you through processes and tests to check out how well you are doing in handling stress. You choose the location, and the time-frame.

That means you can make it to your very own well-being course, when you want it and how you want it.


We hand you our most effective, tried and tested methods,

which are rooted in our expertise and experience in working with hundreds of clients face to face. On a daily bases improving our clients’ mental health and emotional well-being: lowering stress levels, raising performance, building confidence, and creating a better work-life balance.

We also offer you additional support by inviting you to our closed Facebook group to ask questions related to the programme and share your experiences with us.


We offer you over 4 hours of course time:

to exercise, learn and be coached whenever you want to and how often you like. Our programme gives you the freedom to choose when and what you want to work on and customise your own well-being course.

And now let’s talk money!

We are both generous, nurturing, giving human beings. However everything must come with a label. We know what we offer is very valuable. Looking after your mental health and emotional well-being pays massive dividends both in your work and private life.

We are aware that entrepreneurs willingly take on more stress in order to achieve their goals and dreams. However not knowing how much stress is healthy to take on and when to stop can turn against you and have detrimental effects on your health and ultimately on the success of your business.

Research shows that your creativity drops 50%, when you experience negative stress. And that has a domino effect on your productivity. Can you really afford that?

On the top of that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a large part of your success. How you manage yourself and your relationships at your workplace is key to a balanced life and being appreciated both by your colleagues and your employers.

As a special introductory offer you can get access to the whole 21-day-programme for £98 now. However this is for a limited time only! After the offer has run out, our still very generous regular price is £189 – for around £480 worth of course time!

The real question is: How much is your health worth to you?

Start today with a programme tailored to your needs!


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