Mindfulness explained: A tool to boost mental health

Igniting People's Creativity and Building Mindful Resilience

Mindfulness explained: A tool to boost mental health

May 14, 2018 Uncategorized 0

The Business Case For Mindfulness

The world is all-abuzz about mindfulness – and not just in Yoga and Pilates groups, it has become a fashion in the business world as well. A while ago I read the on-board business magazine of an airline, stumbling across the TRENDS section. An article caught my eye, about brain fitness, finding focus and minding one’s own ‘busyness’. That is certainly my area of expertise and I was not disappointed, the article was about the increasing difficulty we have these days to calm down, focus and relax.

Mindfulness alongside with meditation are currently on the rise

And if you’ve not noticed that yet you probably have attention issues. A clear case for boosting your focusing ability! The trouble is that we are constantly plugged-in to technology and dividing our attention and focus between a large screen, a smaller screen, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the good old e-mail service, Skype – you name it, and – yes, they are still there – the people around us, colleagues, family members, friends etc. in persona. Interestingly, despite the omnipresent social media, people are feeling increasingly disconnected and challenged.

Did you know that your IQ drops by ten points when you are continuously wired-in communication technology? So how can avoid this in our fast-paced world? Make time to relax properly, un-plug and find focus again. You might come up with the suggestion for a nice holiday break now – good idea! And when you are back home/at work? You continue like before? Then the holiday effect is very short-lived. How about changing a few things?

Are you happy to give an hour per week for physical exercise and keeping your body fit?

I’m sure most of you find this easy enough, what is an hour per week! But what about your mental fitness? How much time do you spend per week to keep your brain fit? Why not give an hour per week for this good cause? Proper relaxing your brain and engaging in quiet time. Try it out, you will be surprised by the positive effects. Daniel Goleman, the author of “Emotional Intelligence” (1996, Bloomsbury Publishing) and co-author of “Altered Traits” (with Richard J. Davidson 2017, Avery Publishing), makes the case for practising mindfulness. He states that mindfulness provides a powerful workout to give us more control of our attention. We can improve our ability to focus where we want. The results: improved productivity and mental health and overall well-being!

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