Creativity is not only for artists

Igniting People's Creativity and Building Mindful Resilience

Creativity is not only for artists

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What is creativity?

Our traditional understanding of creativity is the ability to produce original, novel or unusual ideas in an artistic context. However, there is a wider meaning for being creative and original that has nothing to do with crafting a marble statue.

Creativity is not a rare gift, it is the ability to imagine alternative realities. It is leaving a well-trodden path, thinking outside the box, gaining fresh perspectives, finding new solutions, changing behaviour and an essential component of resilience.

What does it mean for us to be able to cope with change?

In todays fast-paced and globally connected environment change seems to be the only constant. The latest technological developments as well as the vast amount of information available at all times require us to be flexible in order to keep up. The re-structuring in companies to become better, faster and stay competitive demands of its employees to move with the fast pace. But what does it mean for us to be able to cope with change?

When we are confronted with a new situation, our brain searches for the best matching scenario it has in store. As human beings millions of years of evolution have favoured automated processes.

From our first efforts to walk as toddlers to thinking processes in recognizing patterns in our environment, – we work efficiently on an unconscious level. Unfortunately, this also means we become very comfortable with our daily routines and making changes costs a lot of effort. We love to live our lives in the shelter of our comfort zones where everything is well known and we can succumb to our habits. – We reserve the new and crazy for the artists.

Creativity is not just for artists

Do you think creativity is just for artists? Think again!

Why we cannot be creative now?

Interestingly, our replies to the question why we cannot be creative now are in fact quite creative!  I have never come up with something original., There are so many works of art by people who are much more creative than I am., Its not worth starting it today., Im too old/young/clumsy/tall etc…”, I only start when its perfect.”… Im sure you can add your own reasons to this list.

The underlying factor holding us back from being creative seems to be fear – of failure or making mistakes. We dont want to risk losing other peoples approval, respect and support. Unfortunately, without trying, nothing new can be created! And failure is part of the creative process, it offers an opportunity to learn.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 1000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Eddison

Positive impacts on our ability to be creative

Creativity is a cognitive strength that entails the use and acquisition of knowledge. Having the strength of creativity means we are able to apply your imagination in new and surprising ways to solve problems and overcome obstacles. It might not come to us naturally easy but we can practise creativity and become better at it. When we are passionate about a topic, we are easily motivated and persistent to work on it and come up with ideas.

There are a number of factors which have a positive impact on our ability to be creative: taking time and liberty to think and explore concepts, allow mistakes and failure, every new idea is valid until it is proven that it doesnt work, change perspective – literally, sit in a different place, at a different table, in another room, look from outside to the inside, lie down, stand up, turn upside down, swap placesIf you are stuck finding solutions, try to rephrase your question from How can we make this work?to What results do we want to avoid?or from How can we have the best party ever?to “”How can we ruin the party for certain?. This will definitely give you a fresh approach – try it out!

Tread new paths with Creative Mind Coaching to create a better reality for you

Building and enhancing our ability to be creative can kit us out to stand strong in the face of constant change. Try out something new, fail and learn from the mistakes, talk to others and discuss ideas, dont take anything for granted, be more inquisitive and ask yourself if the values you put in place are still valid and helpful. If not, adjust or replace them. Standing still is good to breathe, replenish energy and gain perspective. And then move on and tread new paths to create a better reality for you.

This is where we come to the picture! We ignite people’s creativity and build mindful resilience. We run mental health related training sessions and we address this issue in a holistic way.

Is your creativity compromised, even paralysed by the negative impacts of stress?

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We would love to know how you got on!

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