Stress vs. Creativity – A Competitive Edge for Entrepreneurs

Igniting People's Creativity and Building Mindful Resilience

Stress vs. Creativity – A Competitive Edge for Entrepreneurs

February 11, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Creativity – A Competitive Edge for Entrepreneurs

You not only solve problems with your creativity, but at the same time it enables you to stay on the top of your game, get ahead of your competitors and constantly move forward.

Creativity is about flexibility, finding a new aspect, seeing problems from a different perspective. When you loose your creative edge there is a lot on the line. Your whole business can shift quickly into the danger zone.

Stress Positive vs. Stress Harmful

Creativity, productivity, motivation can be degraded by stress. Nowadays stress considered to be a necessary part of our life. Entrepreneurs willingly take on more stress in order to achieve their goals and dreams. They actually thrive on stress.

However not knowing how much stress is healthy to take on, and when to stop, can turn against you and have detrimental effects on your health and ultimately on the success of your business.

Dealing with Stress in a Creative Way

At Creative Mind Coaching we are experts in combining very effective, scientifically proven techniques and tools, which help you personally and your team and business to get the necessary information and knowledge about how to deal with “stress harmful”.

We currently run Mindful Resilience for Stress Release Training for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

Mindful Resilience for Stress Release Training for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Stress Release Training for Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship development, Creativity

Our seminars enable you to build and enhance your creative mind. We help you to raise your resilience and stand strong against the demands of an ever changing environment with

  • Increased thinking outside the box,
  • leaving a well-trodden path by changing behaviour,
  • gaining fresh perspectives and finding new solutions.

The aim of our training is to raise your awareness of signs and symptoms of declining mental health and of the possibilities to react to stress in a beneficial and healthy way. We offer a safe and non-judgemental environment to explore and enhance our clients’emotional and social intelligence skills to cope with stress, work effectively and manage relationships.

We have designed the courses in a way that respects our participants’ needs for privacy, but at the same time allows you to
enjoy the dynamics of the group. The different exercises offer a wide range of interventions to choose from according to personal taste and needs, be it immediate relief from tension or the development of new and healthier habits.

Our passion is “Igniting creativity and building mindful resilience”. We look after you, so you can deal with stress in a creative way and keep enjoying the success of your business.

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