Igniting People's Creativity and Building Mindful Resilience

We create customised packages

For Corporations

We analyse your problems and offer a bespoke series of interventions and development programmes. Our main focus is mental health and the detrimental effects of stress to the well-being of people. Ensuring that your staff and managers can bring the best of them to the company.

Releasing Stress, Building Resilience… can Save You lots of Time and Money – Find out more
We run tranings

For Entrepreneurs

Are you a business owner, looking for a new way to stay competitive?

Creativity is one of your biggest assets to build a successful business. However, it can be greately reduced by stress, plummeting your productivity, health and, ultimately, your income.  We are experts in helping people to connect with their creative potential. We address this problem in a holistic way. The results? – Reduced stress levels, growing resilience, sky rocketing creativity, better productivity… So you can focus on what is most important: You and the success of Your business! We have designed this training with You in mind – Find out more!

Stress happens on all levels. We believe it is important to address it  in a holistic way

 The loss of mental health is one of the biggest costs in the workplace today, a yearly estimate of £26 bn for businesses in the UK. On average, this could mean £1000 per employee. With stress, depression and anxiety as main causes, poor mental health accounted for 45% of all lost working days due to illnesses in 2015/16. And the costs of stress for the individual are immense, too.

Addressing the person as a whole is key to make lasting changes possible. Our approach aims at enhancing our clients’ emotional and social intelligene competencies. Read more about our approach!

A few things we’re great at

Between us we have 15 years of experience improving our clients mental health and emotional well-being: lowering stress levels, raising performance, building confidence and creating a better work-life balance. We form a unique team consisting of a Resilience Coach, who feeds your left brain with tried and tested methods from a more scientific point of view; and an Energy Coach, who brings her out of the box right brain focus into the process to open up your creative potential.

Helping you to stay calm & focused

Raising your confidence to handle conflict & challenges

Teaching a selection of techniques from CBT, NLP…

Bringing You tools from mindfulness, Qigong…

The Secret of Success

We tailor everything to your needs. During our training sessions, and workshops we address real life issues and offer solutions customised to your demands.


We run parallel dates, so if you miss one, you have the possibility to attend another one.


Our aim is not only to introduce the material to you, but to give you time between the sessions to implement them, too. Understanding how things work is just the first step, making it part of your daily routine is the key to lasting success.


Our approach is holistic. We believe that it is important to address the person as a whole to make  fundamental and lasting changes. Only when you connect your mind with your heart you can build resilience to overcome stress and its detrimental effects.

CMC in Action

Introducing our concept at an event in Wokingham


Your Strength as a resource Exercise with Anke


Our Cool Team at Work


Mindfulness Workshop – I thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness session. Eva has a lovely calming voice and I found the session very reassuring in this time of uncertainty. – Christina Byrne, DLC


Was good to be reminded that we are so used to being on auto-pilot and so focussed on what we are actually doing (the task), that we forget to check in with how we are mentally and physically – Marina Brooks, DLC


Clear instructions given for completing the exercises. Informative and relaxing and I have already incorporated a couple of suggestions into my daily routine. The handout was very useful. – Ren Thompson, DLC


Client Testimonials

We love to listen…

Very good start to a 4 part training. I was feeling bad this morning and now I feel much better. Spreading it all out is fantastic! You start with awareness and giving a few tools without overloading us. I loved the fact that during the NLP exercises there was enough time to think things through, but we didn’t have to share our findings in the group, and we have the opportunity to turn to you with our issues in private sessions.


This was an insightful and informative session: practical exercises with scientific validation. You provided some background information about stress and how to identify it. The session also gave us a couple of quick and easy tools which can be used when you are feeling stressed. I will definitely try incorporating them into my day, and I look forward to finding out more at the next training session.

Shirley Lane
Business Mentor

I have worked with Anke on a one to one basis & have gained a huge amount from our sessions that have helped me negotiate the obstacles of life in a much more productive & effective way. The first group session of Creative Minds Coaching has been insightful, informative, enlightening & constructive. Working in a group adds an extra element to the learning process & having the skills & expertise of both Anke & Eva to guide things only serves to enhance the personal development gained. They provide a safe, easy-going & fun environment to explore your personal challenges & blockages & build your own toolbox for your future.

Suzanne Turner
Business developer

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Our Awesome Team

We are experts in different fields, coming from various backgrounds, working for the same goal: to change the quality of people’s life  for the better in our unique ways. Here we come together to unite our strengths, expertise and wisdom to help you and your team to bring the most out of yourself and make the necessary changes, so you can enjoy your life.

Anke Exner

Co-founder & CEO

Resilience Coach

feeding your left brain with tried and tested coaching methods from a more scientific point of you. T: +49 151 42619030 (Germany) Email: info@creative-mind-coaching.com

Eva Maria Hunt

Co-founder & CEO

Vibrational Healing Expert, Artist

bringing her out of the box right brain focus into the process to open up your creative potential. T: +44 7905 806383 (UK) Email: info@creative-mind-coaching.com

Bori Bojthe


Bori Bojthe Photography

her professional approach and experience is the perfect recipe to bring out  your essence and let it shine on your photo. T: 07873 939382 Email: bori@boribojthe.co.uk